Improv for anxiety

Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $240 

Clients coming to therapy tell stories of stress, social anxiety, and isolation. Workplaces often require them to hide the attributes that make them unique in order to be accepted. Social media links them, but doesn’t give them the fundamental face-to-face connection they want and need.

Does this sound familiar? Improv Therapy can help.

This course was designed for beginners and those with some experience of improv theatre. It is not a typical comedic improv course. There is no expectation that you be funny, though humour is an element. All that is required is a desire and willingness to connect with others and to allow yourself to be witnessed.

The course focuses on experiential interaction. You will be asked to participate in easy-to-learn improv exercises and games, as well as reflect on improvised scenes, yourself, and your relationship to others in the group. You will experience greater self-confidence, and unlearn habits that may be holding you back from fully experiencing connection.

This is a safe space for authentic expression. 

About the Instructor

Peter Madore completed the Psychotherapy program at TIRP. He is working towards RP status, and currently sees clients under clinical supervision. He is an experienced improvisor, having trained at the iO Theater in Chicago. He is the founder of Manic Improv in Creemore, Ontario.

I developed this programme, running a well-received prototype of it called Free Yourself Through Improv at U of T’s Multi-Faith Centre in the winter term of the 2014/15 academic year. I will be offering this workshop on a regular basis. Stay tuned to find out more.

Feedback From Some Participants

“My previous experiences with improv were all with people who with acting/improv experience, so it was relaxing to experience the same sorts of games and activities without the level of competition that tends to develop between people who like to perform.”

“I feel more confident now than before I participated.”

“This workshop helped me with working on being OK with making mistakes and being more present/mindful.”

“[There were] activities to help me think on my feet and respond in the moment without censoring myself.”

“It was a fantastic program and I’d really like to see it happening again.”

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